Our Projects

Smoggle Smash

Nasty Smoggles have invaded park centers. The player needs to choose a strategy of his/her own to smash the aliens and save the environment. The key activities include: unlocking hidden locations; upgrading the towers to boost shooting capabilities; earning in-game currency and trophies; and competing on a global scale. Developed in co-operation with zgames

Features: IAPs, Ads, Multi-level Design, Notifications, Socials, Cross-Platform

Engage Play Therapy

A fully integrated HIPAA compliant telehealth and gaming platform for professional clinicians looking to engage their clients through play.

Features: Multiplayer Play, Networking, Databases, Room Hosting, Cross-Platform

When Boy Meets Pearl

Complete block clearing quests throughout various interesting maps and levels. Do you have the skill to complete it all?

Features: Engaging animations, Addictive Gameplay, Ads, IAPs, Analytics

Rude Boy USA Slots

FREE CASINO SLOTS MEET THE HIT BOOK SERIES! Bernie Banks and his crew at Chimera Investments have big aspirations to be the creme of the crop in New York City. They are getting into the gaming business! This 5 reel mechanical slot from Hairummat Games is a free casino slots experience with fun and rude twists. Spin the reels of the newest free casino slot machine and let the story unfold! As you hit BIG WINS and JACKPOTS in this casino game based on the hit book series Rude Boy USA ®, you’ll unlock bonus game and free spins for some huge payouts! FUN PLAY AND EASY WAYS TO WIN!

Features: IAPs, Ads


Classic 8 ball POOL and provide up-to-date and sophisticated upgrades. All the details have been debated enthusiastically and carefully designed to offer games that are easy to learn, addictive, and unbelievable to watch.



★ Online multiplayer POOL - play with Facebook friends or random player
★ Login with Email, Facebook or play as Guest
★ Shop - buy new cues, chat messages, coins (In-App)
★ Chat over room
★ In-game invites to play a game with friend.
★ Online 8 BALL POOL status for your friends
★ Offline mode (training)
★ 20 Cues, 8 Tables

★ Have fun playing the POOL GAME ★

Features: IAPs, Ads, Networking, Online Play, Socials, Invite a Friend, Sharing

When Boy Meets Pearl Adventure

Join Lil' Flexx on is journey of survival

Features: Ads

AR Cube Rush!

Jump high avoiding obstcales in this brand new AR game AR Cube Rush! Find a flat surface such as the ground or a desk for the best experience. •Collect Gems •Beat your friends •Jump up to get the highest score Get hit and lose the game

Features: Augmented Reality(AR), Ads, Particle Effects


Delve in this exciting and fun adventure of moving a ball through varied obstacles and platforms with an easy to learn hard to master motive. With easy controls for a fun game, just move your phone and the ball will start moving! Rich visual effects and addictive fun gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Hyper Casual gameplay fun for everyone Unlock new skins and show off your cool new look to your friends + added abilities with certain skins.

Features: IAPs, Ads, Accelerometer Use, Particle Effects

Fruit Fever

Fruit Fever the NEW match-3 game with fruit and juice,make you happy. It is easy and free for players all over the world. Begin the journey on the Happy Tree. You need to collect the fruit and help animals so that you can defeat the boss and win big rewards. Embark on the fruity adventure today with your friends and family. Feature: -PLAY new match-3 to grow happy tree -ENJOY your own fruit juice -Hundreds of LEVEL fun with power-ups! -MEET funny animals as friends -Cultivate HAPPY TREE for adventurous journey Enjoy the fun of crushing cookies. Let's start a happy Match-3 game together! Many exciting levels, to challenge your limits!💗

Features: IAPs, Ads, Addictive Gameplay, Engaging animations

Ultimate Beer Pong!

Ultimate Beer Pong!- Put the ball into 10 cups before your opponent does. It's a fun, simple and addicting game you can play to pass the time. Just swipe up in the direction you want the ball to go and knock em' down. Imagine you and your opponent both having one cup left, they miss their shot and now it's time for glory. Features: Multiplayer action: Play online against people in other parts of the world! Beautiful backgrounds: Multiple backgrounds so the games have a different feel to them. Country representation: Get a flag from the store and represent the country you are from against players from around the world! Friendly competition: Play against your friends by setting up a private game!

Features: Online Play, Networking, IAPs, Ads, Region Support, Multi level Shop System